Lake of the Ozarks

Happy Sunday! We just got back from my husband’s family cottage in the Lake of the Ozarks. This won’t be a camping or hiking post, but sometimes this place is nearly just as good as a weekend in the woods. It sits on the 4 mile marker, in a small cove where some of the houses date back to the early 1950s. A handful of the surrounding weekend houses have been torn down and built again from scratch. One thanks to a fire and others gladly inherited by the next generation of family lake-goers, looking to up the value even more of the coveted property on the water. 
My husband’s family has had their cottage for 50+ years. His grandparents then avid boaters and water skiers. They raised their 4 girls here during their childhood springs and summers and inevitably the girls married and had children of their own to raise at the lake.  

My husband B and I try to make it down at least 3-5 times a year. Once to open the cabin in mid spring, once per month in June, July and August, and then again to close up in October. Every other weekend we aren’t there with my in-laws it’s filled with B’s extended family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids. It’s always a guaranteed entertaining time. 

Sunburns, long boat rides, napping on the dock, cold drinks, music and the nostalgic summer smell of everyone’s barbecue grills drifting across the cove. Time goes by too fast at the lake. A weekend is gone before you know it.

This weekend we went to celebrate my brother in law’s 26th birthday. We arrived Thursday night around 10pm, unloaded the car and headed to bed so we could get up early. Friday we hit Stewart’s for breakfast (phenomenal!) and then some kitschy souvenir shops along the strip. Can’t forget to get saltwater taffy! 

 In a leather store I came across a Minnetonka outback hat I HAD TO HAVE but couldn’t bring myself to spend $50 on it. B suggested looking online for a better price (found one pre-owned for $15 less…score!) 
We had to stop for celebratory birthday drinks between every few shops – Lucky’s, Tucker’s Shuckers, and ended our afternoon at Beaver’s at the Dam. I’ve seen the latter place so packed before it takes them damn near over an hour to get your food orders out. I must say I enjoyed the prompt service and the sparse patronage this early in the year.

Saturday, B golfed all morning with his dad and brother, while I slept in and then migrated to read a book on the dock. (Currently reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed – thanks M for the recommendation!) Later in the afternoon we went for a little hike in the hilly foliage and rocky back roads near the cottage. If anyone is familiar with Lake Ozark/Rocky Mount, MO and knows of any good hiking in the area I would love to hear about it for our weekend in June out there! 

Today we opted to come home a little earlier to get back to our dogs and get some stuff done before this week begins. In 2 weekends I have a camping trip coming up, meeting a girl friend from Arkansas at a mid-Missouri halfway point, with a Saturday day hike planned. M will be joining as well! Can’t wait to prepare and get there, and then write about it. I have been trying to get out of my winter funk by walking a few miles a day over the last 2 weeks. This is especially helpful for getting back on trails this season! I am not a pretty walker/hiker. I breathe loud and get all winded and yeah. Not cute. Gotta get in shape!
Anyhow, I still have quite a few entries of past camping trips and lake weekends I will make and share about between present and future ones that I will get to eventually. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Midwest weather segueing from spring into early summer; today I plan on getting some yard work done and then going for a few mile walk this evening!

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