Lewis & Clark Trail

Located in Weldon Spring, MO about 45 minutes from where we live!

This last week was crazy at work (thus the few day gap in posting) – and also crazy at home. My husband and I are purging all of the things we don’t need in our home and lives to make for simpler living. We also have plans to eventually add a new bathroom to our tiny 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house, so we decided to start with getting everything out of our small space that we don’t use or need anymore. Good riddance!

Short story shorter, we decided to do something outside this weekend since we were so busy working, plus with it being Earth Day Friday we wanted to do something to keep our newly active lifestyle going. Normally Sundays would consist of getting up whenever we felt like and then laying around on the couch and Netflixing until bedtime. Which is absolutely okay and needed sometimes, but not all the time! 

So, maybe next time Netflix!  We decided to tackle the Lewis and Clark Trail. We grabbed a semi-heavy brunch on the way and set out on the trail around 12:10.

I’ll tell you what. I’ve been consciously moving my body an extra 2-4 miles nearly every day for close to 3 weeks, and have been feeling great; lasting longer and going further as the days go on. But a 9 mile hike in the bluffs of Missouri really took it out of me! I won’t lie when I say felt a little discouraged that I was lagging behind everyone (B, M &C!) and breathing loud and clomping along. I thought I’d be a bit beyond that, but it just showed me that I need to keep working toward my goals and maybe by the end of the summer those inclines will be a breeze. What’s the best way to work through or train yourself for more strenuous terrain? 

Pretty decent time for someone struggling to keep up!

Another issue I have is dry mouth and constant thirst! I feel like I downed more water during and after the hike than everyone else I was with. 

Going from avid camper to hiker is difficult but absolutely rewarding. I stated a few posts back that I knew I had earned my title as a camper, but I have yet to acquire hiker. I’ll get there. And I will know the moment when I get there! 

Regardless of my feelings about today, I overall am proud of the accomplishment. My end goal is to become a multi-day hiker, and maybe even one day a thru hiker. I’m starting here! This was my longest trail yet and I will embrace the next – it’s just another obstacle to overcome before I can be where I want to be. 😎

There were lots of pretty overlooks on this trail, but I was more concerned with powering through this mentally and physically than pausing to take lots of photos. We snapped these in the first mile and a half – two miles and after that, my phone was tucked away in my pack! 

Thanks for following along! 


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