Klondike Park

It’s been about 5 weeks since I started the commitment to better my health, mentally and physically. I have fully  dedicated myself to getting in at least 5 days a week of walking/jogging 2-4 miles per day and weather permitting, going for 1-3 hikes a month when we can. I’ve changed my eating habits from “whatever I feel like” to “whatever I feel my body needs.” I have one day every other week to indulge and appease any cravings I may have happening. I have lost 4+ inches and 15lbs the healthy way! I still have at least 30 to go before I am happy with myself, but if I happen to lose more than that it’s just a bonus. 

Yesterday husband and I did a race in St. Louis. He ran a 10k and I (being a beginner) went for the 5k. 

Go us! 

Earlier this week we decided we should take advantage of the beautiful weather and choose a place to hike on this lovely Sunday morning. Since it was also Mother’s Day, we chose to go somewhere not too far from my in-laws place so we could stop by for a quick hello on the way home. 

We chose Klondike Park in Augusta, MO. The park sits outside of Defiance, MO…the entrance to Missouri’s wine country.

When you enter the park off of Highway 94, there’s a very nice but unexpected Conference Center building in the middle of the parking lot. We didn’t go in, so I’m not sure exactly what it’s used for or if it was open to the public. Next time I’d like to check it out more. 

There are multiple trails that sort of interconnect. There’s the east side – Hogsback trail and then the western side – Powerline, Strip Mine, Donjo’s and Donkey Kong. Today we explored the eastern loop and the lake loop, along with a portion of the river trail, bringing us to 6.16 miles today. We plan to go back possibly next Sunday to check out the other side of the park!

Hogsback trail entrance is up the hill in the parking lot and to the left at the top, and to the right is the scenic view overlook.

We had a blast on this trail. It was actually fairly easy, with just a few inclines. Cash hiked this whole trail with us. We saw a couple lizards and a toad. Little trail traffic today, but the area was bustling with bicyclists as it’s adjacent to the Katy Trail.

At the end of the trail we ventured further and found a limestone path leading to the lake loop. This terrain was interesting! Different from the lush forest we just came from, white sand and rock accompanied a paved path with bluffs surrounding the area. 

The lake was busy with fishing families and others using the pavilion. Klondike Park also has very clean, nice bathroom facilities in every section we went through. That in itself gets an A+ from me! Further down from the lake, was a small trail encircling the Herpatology study pond and field.

We walked around it and crossed the street and headed down the river trail. Cash was wiped out so we stuck him in the pack. 

From here we decided to go in where we came out of Hogsback to get in some extra mileage. Here we came across a snake friend! Anyone know what kind it is? B was walking and talking in front of me when I heard him say “Oh shit!” He jumped about 3 feet into the air! I am not scared of snakes but I don’t necessarily want to risk being bit by one, so we snuck around him and let him be. Luckily Cash was still being carried like a prince. =)

We had about half a mile left after we encountered the snake. We talked about planning a weekend long backpacking trip for this fall which is huge for husband! He does enjoy hiking but camping is a different story. I’m so grateful he tries the things I love and sucks it up to make me happy! 

Anyhow, we made it back to the car before long and decided to head 30 minutes away to Main Street St. Charles for lunch. This area is awesome because a ton of the restaurants have patios and they are dog friendly! We ate at Old Millstream Inn.

We had an AWESOME day! I can’t wait to go back and check out the other trails at Klondike Park. 

Thanks for reading!


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