Another step closer…

I didn’t have to be at work until 4:30 this afternoon, so B and I met M for lunch in Soulard, then we headed to REI to use our 20% off member coupon that came out today. 

Our main item of interest today was a good pack for B, and we found one! It’s a perfect fit. He tried it on, adjusted it and knew it was exactly the one he wanted. We asked an REI crew member to fit him just in case, because it’s better to be safe than sorry!

I made him pose for these 😂

He ended up with the REI Flash 65 pack, which I looked up online earlier this week and didn’t actually care for it, but in person it looks really nice and it will absolutely be great for our future weekend backpacking trips. 

I’m planning for B to carry the bulk of the weight; tent, sleeping bags, extra clothing and other necessities…while I take the sleeping pads, food & cookware in my smaller Trail 25 pack. This is why our one night shakedown is important! I am hoping I won’t have to graduate to a larger pack. 

Tomorrow I am off to a family reunion, and Sunday B and I are planning to tackle the Lewis & Clark trail yet again. I feel I am ready for it this time! 



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