New Years Eve 2016

I’m not yet tired, and feeling wordy. I haven’t made a past adventure post in a while so…why not! I have so many photos that need posted with a story behind them. 

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday. I love letting go of past stresses and ringing in the next year with my close friends. Some years B and I lounge on the couch with pizza, champagne and the dogs…other years we get decked out and party like it’s 1999. (RIP Prince!) 

This year we decided to do something different! We planned months in advance to do a winter camping trip at Lake Glendale in Shawnee. Unlike past winter trips, we would be taking the lovely Lulu and not our tents! 

Lulu is M’s vintage Shasta trailer. She has heat. And ability to charge phones. And is so cute it’s silly. M & C are restoring her to somewhat originality, but with a personal touch. Can’t wait to see it all finished!

Lulu and Wilson, my husband’s beloved Subaru Forester.

New Year’s Eve was on a Thursday this year. We all headed down to Shawnee Wednesday night and stayed until Saturday. I love 3 day camping trips. I just do. This was Bane’s first ever camping trip! He loves car rides and as it turns out, makes a great camping companion. 

B and I arrived early, and C came soon after. M had to work Wednesday but headed out as soon as she could. So, I was left in charge of making our cozy little campsite festive! C’s mom and dad also joined us for the weekend and brought their incredible Airstream. I mean, really? Total camper envy.

These bearded boys…The party scene!It. Was. COLD! I think it got down to the low 20s this week with mid 40s during the day. Besides the 6 of us, there was maybe 1 other site taken that wasn’t the camp host.

New Year’s Eve day we hiked the empty campground and the lakeside trail…

B played his guitar…Later that night, Bane (and everyone else…sorry guys) was subjected to glowstick necklaces…I don’t know if M and I can ever be serious in photos together…Happy New Year! The next morning we (very responsibly!) shot guns, hiked around and enjoyed the sunny day.Friday night we all retired pretty early. It was super chilly and we were exhausted from staying up so late the night before. Saturday morning we contemplated staying one more night but the thought of our own warm beds and a hot shower won us over. We packed up and headed out.Bane had such a great time. He’s coming camping with us this coming weekend for Memorial Day…if it doesn’t rain! Please camping gods, let it stay lovely and mild as it’s been.

Thanks for following! Stay tuned for a post tomorrow after I (foolishly?)once again take on the 9 mile hike that showed me who was boss exactly four weeks ago. I got this!


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