Finally! Cairn boxes

Ok, it’s been 2 months since I signed up for Cairn and I’ve received 2 boxes! I was so excited I forgot to take photos at first. Here’s my first box I got in April:

This photo is upside down. Oops! It’s a fire bellow which B is anxious to use! This will be coming with us for sure on our shakedown next month. We are the people that usually take an hour and a half to start a fire so that should be entertaining. =) Water filter straw! Excited to try this. Since it’s so small, I plan to always keep this in my pack for emergencies.These guys are going to come in handy with a sleeping pad I have that didn’t come with something to keep it rolled up small and secure! Ok, I didn’t eat this on the trail. I actually ate it for breakfast one day last week before work and IT WAS SO GOOD!

I also received some coupons for a couple outdoor websites I have yet to check out!

May Cairn box!

• Chapul Chaco bar. Made from cricket protein! Curious to try this but will wait for when I’m desperate in the woods lol.

• Flint fire starter! Will always carry this in my pack as well.

• Membership to a really cool GPS app.

• BlackStrap sleeves! I read in one of many reviews; if you dunk them in water on a hot day they cool you off while also protecting your exposed arms from the sun. That’s a great idea! 

I have been pleased thus far with my subscription. Can’t wait to see what I get for June. I’ll try to remember to post monthly when it arrives. 

I also am sampling NatureBox. Always looking for healthier snack options so I wanted to try their monthly sub. I’ll review them as well! 

Thanks for checkin’ in!


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