Summer plans & Memorial Weekend

Hello, hello! Jumping right in…

We reluctantly canceled our Memorial Day weekend camp trip last Wednesday. After stalking my weather app for 48 hours hoping for a change, Friday night the forecast started looking promising! We ended up spending 2 days camping out in MTNF. We stayed at Marble Creek, which is a section of the Ozark Trail. 

The trail conditions haven’t been updated since last October! 

It was a beautiful weekend to sleep outside despite the early summer mugginess. Not much transpired! Just set up camp next to the river, ate some awesome campfire food, listened to some good tunes, drank good beer and was in good company. We set out to hike the 8/9 mile loop Sunday but because of all the rain the prior week it was muddy, buggy and overgrown. Instead we explored all  around the campground, took some hammock naps and relaxed. 

This Eureka tent belonged to my grandparents probably 25 years ago. This is the first time B and I used it and it’s great for car camping! Very roomy and lots of ventilation. We slept with no rainfly and all the screens open. Fantastic! I’m so used to sleeping alone in my tiny 2 person backpacking tent that this one spoiled me a little. ​We heard the rushing water all night long. It was a great sound to fall asleep to.

Our river view suite 😜

Down by the river…

Tiki torches may be the best idea we’ve had yet. They look so festive and survivor-y! And no mosquitos this weekend. 
But always…ALWAYS with the ticks! Photo credit to M! Haha

That was our incredibly needed, low key weekend away. Now…B and I are preparing for our first overnight backpacking trip the 3rd weekend in June.

Then comes 4th of July at the Lake of the Ozarks. Our annual July birthday float trip. Another lake weekend early August then an all women motorcycle campout with M. Tonight we reserved a week in the Smoky Mountains in September! We are staying at the same place we did 4 years ago with M&C. 

I am so looking forward to everything happening when I’m not busting my butt at work this year. Wedding season is in full swing and I am exhausted already. 

B and I joined a gym last week and have been enjoying spending a few days a week getting some variety in our workouts. We are still hiking for distance once a week, sometimes twice.

Today is also the one year anniversary of my grandma being gone. It’s been a pretty good day actually. This morning I was feeling a little crabby and closed off but I softened up when I remembered that is exactly why I had to consciously make some changes in myself. I have come so far in the last 9 weeks of changing my lifestyle. 22 pounds down and 25 left to go. 

Bring it on summer 2016! 


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