The heat is on…

You know it’s summer when it’s 90 degrees even at 9:30 in the morning. I wouldn’t know that though because I was still in bed at 9:30 this morning. Oops! We had every intention of getting up early and driving to Weldon Spring to hike Lewis & Clark again but sometimes sleep wins. We did eventually make it out however, and started on the trail at 12pm. It was a lovely hike! Not as treacherous or daunting as the first go around almost 2 months ago. 

This time it was hard in an entirely different way. The humidity had sweat literally dripping off of every part of our bodies. So yes, I will take this hike any day of the week now – if it’s 80 degrees or cooler! We also opted for just the Clark trail today which is 3 miles less than the two combined. I am happy with a hot, humid, difficult 5 miler over no hiking at all and certainly happy with that over a hot, humid, difficult 8 miler! We took our time in the heat today; making sure to rest for a minute or two after strenuous sections and stopping to drink extra water every couple miles.

We took one photo, cause yuck.

The last 2 nights I have been up going over and over my packing list for our overnighter this Friday. I’ve got the rest of our gear coming in by Thursday and I am so excited I can’t handle it.

Last night I condensed some liquids and toiletries into smaller packaging (contact solution, biodegradable camp soap, toothpaste, essential oils, peroxide…) labeled some ziplocks, and weighed a few things out. I’m anxious to see what our overall pack weights will be! Hoping our first trip we won’t be the newbies loaded to the gills with things that aren’t necessary. A small battery powered fan, wine and whiskey are surely necessities! Right?!

What’s something you HAVE to take with you even if it adds extra weight? 

Today was the first time I’ve ever “hiked” in heat this high. I’ve camped and floated in it and have taken brief night walks around campgrounds but have never gone into the woods and hiked in it. With tree cover, it definitely cools down a bit. So very thankful for trees. 

Well, I have a four day work week ahead and I also promised myself to go to the gym at least 3 times. Bleh! Anticipating Friday and hoping the weather cooperates! Have a lovely week!


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