June thoughts and Me, Myself and I

It’s hot. And it’s only June.

It’s been the busiest month for work, social events, and just…life so far this year. Father’s Day, father’s birthday. Cousins, friends, friends’ kids. It’s not easy balancing it all but you kind of just have to make it work when and if you can. 

Next month is my 32nd birthday and I hope to be at my next weight goal by the day of the float trip: -30 pounds total. I’m stuck at -23. We took a week off from the gym and eating properly for the last 7 days and 

I. Can. Feel it. 

We woke up early today and spent an hour doing some cardio at the gym before I had to work and I am absolutely relieved to be getting back into my healthier habits. Ya just gotta push yourself the first few times to get it in gear. I’m already there. It’s good. But what was also good is all the pizza I got to eat this week. 

Next weekend for the Fourth of July we will be in the Ozarks, where Saturday (and possibly Sunday) we plan to day hike some new territory. Usually lake time is well spent lazing on the dock in the sun, chasing frozen Dailey’s with Coors Lights and all of the dips, chips, carbs and sweets I can get my hands on. It’s all about empty calories at the lake. I’ve already been nominated to make festive Jell-O shots. So there’s that. I’ll have to take that a day at a time!

After this fall when we do a couple sections of the River to River trail, I think I’d like to spend a few days on the Ozark Trail with B. I have a trail guide and it seems like so much fun. 

I have also been thinking a lot about overnight solo hiking. I don’t know if I’m there yet mentally but good lord it’s something I have got to do in the next year. I feel as though I have become vastly independent in the last 18 or so months. I like myself and being in the company of myself. I am more of a homebody than ever. I am all about me. I love it. Put yourself first for awhile, it really does wonders. I trust myself enough to not be afraid and to know that I can knock out a couple days on a trail alone. Soon.

My ramblings mean nothing to you and that’s ok. =)


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