Rainy holiday…

My main goal in life today is to find the best smelling and longest lasting cedar satchets or essential oils. I am determined to be knocked out by the pleasant and nostalgic smell of cedar when I walk into my closet or go through my gear stash. Speaking of gear stash…look what we did this weekend!

We were supposed to spend the weekend in the Ozarks but the rainy forecast scared us off. Instead we opted to stay home together, cook some hearty rainy day meals and organize, rearrange and clean the house. After a quick trip to Ikea on Friday plus an hour and a half of putting the shelves together and putting stuff away – this is the final product! I am so happy I don’t have to keep my gear tossed in the corner on the floor, or sitting on the table for weeks anymore! I love when everything has a place.

Back to the cedar though…when I was a kid we had a beautiful lake house on a man made lake in Perryville, MO. It didn’t sit on the water but that was okay with us. The entire upstairs was built with cedar planks lining the walls and holy smokes. Every time you came in it surrounded you with it’s homey and warm scent. I slept wonderfully in that house. Every Friday in the summer, I would anxiously wait for my dad to go in and open the house up to get the water and lights on so I could step inside and take my first big whiff of the weekend.

I want my home to smell this way! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing 4th of July weekend. Mine has been pretty nice so far. Lots to do today at home while B is at his band practice and then out celebrating C’s 30th birthday.

I love my time alone at home!


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