Walk the line…

There is probably nothing more boring than walking on a treadmill. But I’ve gotta keep moving.

I am desperate to get back outside. I need this heat to break. For my sanity. For my health. For the sake of just missing being in the woods and sleeping on the ground, surrounded by forest sounds and watching shadows dance across my tent.

I can’t wait to sit around a fire this fall and embrace the heat. I can’t wait to snuggle deep into my mummy bag at night after just enough wine and pull the hood tight around my face, leaving only my nose out so I can breathe in fresh air. I can’t wait to wake up to that annoying woodpecker knocking on trees in the crisp fall morning. I can’t wait to layer up in my wool and fleece, eat campfire breakfast and then walk around Lake Glendale while listening to the leaves crunch beneath my boots. 

I can’t wait to camp and leave behind this terrible summer.

Edit: 12 hours later I’m reading this and I have decided that this summer actually HASN’T been terrible. Just the last few weeks. Apparently I can be a little dramatic =) 

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