Thursday (& Autumn) ramblings

Haha, the cover photo for this post is my favorite from LAST fall. I love Cash’s face! 

I cannot wait to get out this weekend and hike with B! After our big day last Friday I am hungry for more trail action.

We actually had a camping reservation made for this weekend, but I canceled it today due to just being…exhausted. (…Getting back into work mode after a perfect vacation is so hard.) I wouldn’t be off work until near 7 tomorrow night, and the campground is a little over an hour away. 

We would still need to go grocery shopping for camping and I have 14 hours of work left between now and tomorrow. Hell, we still need to go anyway post vacation; we have nothing in the house except for eggs, bacon, cheese and soup. Needless to say I’ve lost 6 of the embarrassing 10lbs I put on while in the Smokys! (All of the day drinking and carbs was worth it though!)

We decided to spend this coming Saturday getting up early, running small errands and day hiking instead. In the evening we will go check out the progress on my sister’s new house (which is my grandparent’s old house!) and stay for a bonfire and kiddo hangs.

The weather right now is disappointing yet fully predictable for mid-September in southern Illinois. It’s still so humid and warm. I’m desperate for milder days, the smell of fall, and gold, red and orange leaves. Apple picking, chilly campfire breakfasts, and scarves are within reach. My pumpkin candle hoarding is in full force. Damn you, Bath and Body Works. 

Yesterday my mother-in-law emailed me and invited B and I out for a long weekend in Vegas with them in March. So, we will be in Nevada in January and again in March!

Here’s what our travel itinerary looks like so far for 2017!

In January – we will be spending 2 days in Vegas with my sister and her husband, then driving to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and staying in Flagstaff for some Arizona winter hiking for 2 days.

Then in March we will spend 3 and a half  days in Vegas with B’s family, and take a day trip to Death Valley. 

July we will be in Florida for a full week with B’s family. 

Lastly, I would like to plan something next October for just the two of us. So many options. I love traveling. 

Throw a few lake and camping weekends in there and we’re good to go. I’m taking the year off from working weddings (besides friends and family) so all weekends are full of potential for escaping.

Right now I’m drinking cold coffee (not on purpose…) and taking a small break before my next client comes in, wishing I were off today with B and napping. I’m so tired!


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