Fall and winter gear…

I treated myself (and B) for my birthday this year. Yeah, it was nearly 2 months ago and I’m just now sharing my buys, but better late than never? 

I love to stock up on gear when it’s out of season and on sale. Honestly, anything really! Candles, boots, everyday clothing. I try to buy winter/fall things in the summer, and summer things in the winter. ‘Cause it’s cheaper! I don’t care in the slightest if it’s last season’s version or model.

I obtained an REI credit card this summer (aka: the death of me?), an REI gift card from my parents, a gift card FROM REI for using the credit card, and a gift card for Bass Pro Shops from B’s parents.

You will notice a common theme. It’s called…I don’t wear a lot of color. 

Women’s outdoor gear really should have more neutral and black options. I will buy myself men’s clothing if I cannot find what I’m looking for. I do not tend to wear pink, periwinkle, sea foam etc. I’m not knocking it, a lot of it really is pretty. I’m just a dark grey and black kinda gal!

This I got from Bass Pro, it’s a North Face Arcata hoodie; it’s a midweight fleece perfect for fall before it gets too cold:

This is B’s Columbia Northern Bound jacket; a midweight winter jacket. He runs hot, and anything heavier that this while moving he would be a walking sauna:

This is my Columbia Mystic Pines 3-in-1, with removable fleece vest and hood. I can remove the vest and just use the shell, wear just the vest or layer up with everything. Super warm for the always cold me:

This terribly cozy Patagonia fleece. It only came in this color in my size, otherwise I’d have chosen black:

A North Face Motivation long sleeved base layer. Again would have preferred black! I’m a sucker for shirts with thumb loops:

I ordered B and I each a Trail Pod mummy sleeping bag. He the “long” and mine the “regular”. They have a 30 degree temp rating which is appropriate for my limit on sleeping outside. Colder than that and I’ll be in the camper! If ever we plan to do multiple nights somewhere that has potential to be colder, we will cross that bridge when we get there. 

Not ultralight at 3lbs 2oz, the weight isn’t really an issue for me as it was affordable and works for what we need. I used mine camping a few weeks ago and was of course very comfortable when it got down to a rare 60 degrees on an early August night. Synthetic and water repellent:

Alongside our regular Klymit Static V, I ordered the insulated version. I also saw they have a Hammock Static V now. I can’t remember if I posted this yet in a past post:

We finally got an ENO DoubleNest! The color is Maroon with Khaki trim. My next purchase will be an REI Flex Lite chair so we will have 2 sitting options after getting to backpacking camp:

Ummm, the cutest lights. ENO Twilights in White LED. M got the purple ones and I think there are also red ones or blue ones? These are great in a tent for reading or for placing on a picnic table at night for nighttime snack making:

My big most awesome most excited about purchase!!! My new Osprey Kestrel 48! My parents chipped in on this as my gift from them. It has great reviews and fits like a damn glove. Absolutely cannot WAIT to use it this fall:

And lastly this adorable purple Osprey coozie I got from an Internet pal on one of my backpacking/hiking Facebook groups. I LOVE the outdoor community. I have “met” some great people through online forums:

That’s it! A few things we’ve stocked up on for fall and winter. I wanted to post this for fellow junkies, input and for anyone curious or looking for something similar. Looking very forward to putting the things to use I haven’t been able to yet.


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