Taum Sauk Mountain (and other things!)

This was my first weekend in 3 weeks that I actually had off. We were originally going to the Lake of the Ozarks with B’s family but some things came up and nobody ended up going. So I made sure to fill every moment this weekend being productive at home, seeing family and getting a much needed nature fix.

Friday I worked an hour in the morning. When I came home we cleaned the house and I made dinner from scratch. I love cooking but I never seem to have the time. Any chance I get to I take it! We had meatloaf, mashed cauliflower and green beans. Such a filling and warm meal on a chilly fall day. We watched movies, had a fire in the backyard and enjoyed having no plans on a Friday!

Right when it was getting dark we realized we locked ourselves out of the house. Oops! We had to break in the back window.

Saturday we spent running errands and then having drinks and grilling with B’s parents at their house.

Gonna be a girl for a minute and gush on my dreamy Woolrich sweater…originally $150, got on REI garage for $44. Win! Also I’m really tall apparently.

My handsome dude.We had another fire with my in-laws and then drove the hour home to get to bed early since B had to work in the morning. Much to both of our surprise he was called off last minute!

We groggily decided to make our way to Taum Sauk Mountain State Park in Ironton, MO. A place that has been sitting at the top of my “I WANNA GO HERE” list for far too long. We made the 2 hour drive (with BOTH dogs!) past Farmington and into one of my favorite parts of Missouri. We arrived at 12 on the dot and set off.

As you can see on the map it isn’t a long hike at all at only 3miles, but with the dogs and the beautiful weather it was a wonderful time nonetheless. Also the terrain is pretty rocky so it does tend to make the trek a little more challenging. I have some weak ass ankles. I roll them all the time. B walks ahead of me more so than not because I’m so conscious of my footing. I’m so scared I’m going to injure myself! We have too much at stake training for a multi-day section hike on the AT next year for one of us to get a foot or leg injury right now. Better to be safe!

Some photos from the trail:The above photo is funny because you drive up the mountain, park and then walk about 600ft and stand on a rock that is officially the highest point in Missouri! From this area the Mina Sauk Falls trailhead (what we did today) is 400ft from the highest point rock. Unfortunately the falls were not in action today. That’s okay though! We will have to go back sometime after a rainfall.

The overlook:

The drive out of the park:
The fall colors are really starting to show and I’m so grateful we got to spend the day outside together with our doggos.

Next weekend on Sunday we are going to find a day hike again after a busy Saturday of family stuff.

We have also changed some plans regarding our Virginia trip next year! We have officially chosen our dates; but the plan of action is a little different.

Instead of 100 miles in Shenandoah, we will now be doing 50-60 SOBO starting at Skyland Resort and hiking back to our car in Waynesboro. We will then drive to Damascus and spend a day or two at Grayson Highlands. It’s definitely still in the works but so far this plan we like better due to getting the most out of our Virginia trip. Plus, I am dying to visit Damascus and see the views and the wild ponies in GH! We are still plenty open to suggestions on what to see and do while we are there but we absolutely want a chunk of time spent on the AT.

So many things to look forward to in the next 12 months!

Thanks for following along!


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