Just stopping in to whine a little. =)

Work is busy, busy and more busy until November 12th when I work the last wedding of the season (hallelujah!)

Until then there are days and weekends filled with babysitting, family events, work and looking very forward to an overnight backpacking trip B and I have planned for the last weekend of this month.

In the meantime, we are trying to save money for our handful 2017 adventures.

The weather has been so strange this fall. For being mid-October we’ve only had a few really brisk fall days. It’s been somewhat humid and overall pretty warm. I’m hoping that it carries through to December. I am so ready for fall and winter car camping!

For our upcoming overnight hike we are taking a stove instead of using a campfire like we usually do. We do like Mountain House meals (although I feel like I read a lot of negative input on freeze-dried packaged meals, there are a bunch of MH meals that are super tasty.) I think at the stage we are at in our backpacking this works best for us. Related, I have also  found that while hiking longer distances, I daydream intensely about drinking cold beer or wine and having a hot meal when we get to our destination. Which is why collapsible flasks are a thing.

We have a lot to do monetarily and prep for physically and mentally before our multi-day AT trip next year. I plan to take nearly 2 weeks off of work. I would like to have our packing and unpacking system down to a science. I would like our pack weights to be distributed evenly. I would like to be stronger, more toned and lose at least 20-25 more pounds before next October.

I plan to (try!) picking up yoga and begin my 3-5 day a week walking routine again. I need to focus on myself and keep my goals in sight.

There is so much to look forward to next year. How do you keep yourself in check? How do you stay motivated? I was going so strong April – July and then I fell off the damn wagon! I’m here calling myself out so that I can hold me accountable. It’s time, again.


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