Well then…

…I have kept this weblog to myself, mostly. For six whole months. Besides the few followers that we have on Instagram.

On Facebook my family and acquaintances are well aware of my constant photo posts, geo-tags and the newfound game of high-pointing where I can (I’m coming for you next Mount Rogers!) but none of them know that I keep this.

I think tonight I will finally link it for anyone to see. I feel as though I have kept up on this better than I have anything else in the last 6 months. I might be a little fond of it. It gets more attention from me than my laundry and definitely more attention than my dirty dishes. I wash my hair less than I update my blog. I visit this page more than I visit with most people. Oops.

Someone told me a while back that I should start a blog. Truthfully, I have always kept blogs, or pen and paper diaries.None have been remotely interesting to anyone. Angsty adolescent drama and song lyrics from all of my teen idols are long gone. They’re either all deleted, have forgotten passwords or respectfully burned with photos of ex-boyfriends.

These days I search for inner peace and fresh air; I strive to overcome obstacles while damning my lungs to hell. I problem solve instead of instigate. I enjoy my own company instead of loathe it. I like to sleep outside on purpose. All of this while still dropping some curse words and STILL enjoying cheap bottom shelf wine. Some things never change.

If you are new here and truly are interested in reading, I am so excited. I like to write and tell stories and share pictures. Head over to Archives and start at the bottom, April of 2016.

If you couldn’t care less and think I am a narcissist because I talk about myself too much in this post and you hate me I’m so sorry you clicked on this link and you can turn around now because all I do here is talk about myself and stuff I do. So. Bye.

Welcome Facebook friends and family.



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