October, where did you go?!

I will never outwardly complain about work because I am sincerely lucky to have the setup that I have, the flexibility it gives me to do what I want and the schedule that I have made for myself is pretty great. But this year all of the weddings I took on, events we signed up for and throw in some family plans we had made…we have been allowed very few free weekends this fall. I haven’t camped in so long.

Except for this coming weekend. This weekend is OURS. I’m scooping up my dogs and husband, putting them in my pocket and taking ’em somewhere in Missouri where I can hike in to a campground and sleep outside.

I believe my last post got some solid interest and positive feedback, therefore I think I will try to incorporate some nature/natural inspired beauty/hair health/ideas every once in a while. I have a couple things that may be of interest to some planned to try out at a later time: organic and natural hair and skin product reviews? trying to color my hair with coffee…maybe some “how to deal with that day 4 camp hair” tutorials. We shall see! I have been pondering. Any ideas or things you’d like to see?

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week. Last Wednesday B and I both took a day off of work together (that hasn’t happened in SO LONG!) and spent the day cleaning, doing laundry and organizing some stuff. (Also took plenty of breaks to schmooze with the doggos.)

Saturday I worked and then we met B’s parents in Grafton for a late lunch and drinks. It was a great day to break in a new pair of boots! NOT. I got a huge blister on the back of my foot, just a mere 12 hours before we had to be up at 5am for a 10k in downtown St. Louis. I am not smart sometimes. Ugh.

I finished the race but not without any annoying pain. I overcompensated by landing on my right foot weird because I was trying to not further anger the blister (still did, even with treatment and wool socks, argh) so I ended up pulling, stretching or bruising something in the side of my foot. It finally started feeling better today, until I went for a walk this afternoon. Sigh.

Over the last few days, Sunday, Monday and last night – I stayed with my parents to help them watch my 3 year old niece and 1 year old nephew while my sister and brother-in-law are in Mexico. 

So I took my squishy nephew for a walk today because the weather was insanely beautiful (excuse the over-saturation, but look how fall and gorgeously warm the trees look!) and while doing so I re-injured my foot again. It hurts even more than it did initially. I really hope it heals up by Saturday. 
Also last week B and I got a new piece of equipment to add to the arsenal. A GoPro Hero5!  I’ve been experimenting with night settings. Can’t wait to play with it this weekend with no light pollution. 
Ever since I got home tonight the dogs will not leave me alone. Looking forward to all the warm snuggles they will force upon me while I sleep with all my windows open tonight.

Check back Sunday! I’ll have a backpacking post. Not sure yet where we will go, but we have some new gear to test out!


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