Traveling Pottsies…

After a year and many months of searching for a camper; pop-up, tin can, class B, class C…

We have decided to purchase and convert a work or sprinter van into a small travel van. We don’t need a bath or kitchen. I am just looking for something warm to sleep in during the winter months and something for B and I to just load the dogs up and go on a weekend road trip. 

We won’t take our van into backcountry or anything so we don’t need a generator. I am thinking more overnight stops at campgrounds to use electric sites and then hike around during the day. If we happen to stay somewhere without electric, we know how to get along just fine without. =) 

I’m always searching for the next thing to keep me busy and what better than a DIY project for a likely long winter. I love to decorate also so this will be a perfect distraction and a great opportunity for last minute getaways! We have our eye on a van – just waiting for an email and hopefully going to check it out this week. Cross your fingers! This would be a fun addition to the blog as we progress in converting.

Lots of ideas! Stay tuned!


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