Another No ‘Poo post…

Just sharing a couple progress pics as my “No ‘Poo” journey continues into week 8. 

I am cleansing weekly pretty much exclusively with this miracle product; Joico whipped cleansing conditioner co-wash. It works beautifully with my hair texture and length and comes in moisturizing, color safe and curly mode.

I am experiencing an inch or more of new hair growth in spots that were once well…receding. Hairlines absolutely change as you age but for now it seems I’m reversing this! I truly believe the harsh chemicals in shampoo break and dry your hair beyond repair with continued use. 
Here you can see along my part, new short hairs growing in. Again, at least an inch. 

As you can see I am also working on growing in all of my natural (boring) hair color which may be extra beneficial since I’m not applying hair color or bleach. Any artificial color you will ever see in my hair the last 2 months and forward is a either likely Pravana Vivids or Joico Color Intensity; a vegan pigmented direct dye color mixed with my conditioner to tint the ends temporarily for something fun. No chemicals and completely harmless to hair health. =)

I have been cleansing my hair every 4-5 days with a cleansing conditioner, NO SUDS, for nearly 2 months and have noticed significant change in health, strength and overall integrity of my hair. For a lengthy and more detailed post, refer back to my mid-October entry No ‘Poo.

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