It’s Friday night, and it’s been a very long week. 

Couple Hank updates.

Thursday B went to the DMV (in and out within 25 minutes, what the heck!?) transferred the title and we got our plates. Then, we got ALL FOUR tires replaced for an amazingly cheap price. Half of what I was expecting to pay! 

Hank is road ready! 

And in good timing. Next Thursday B leaves for deer camp with some of his dudes and he will be taking the van for it’s first weekend run. We are picking a mattress up Sunday so he can at least sleep off the van floor, since we haven’t built the platform yet.

While he is gone next weekend I will be tent camping with some friends at Mark Twain National Forest!

B also finished the chalkboard/ blackout windows in the back.

I can’t wait to get that ugly fabric off the ceiling this weekend!! 
Today I had a break so we took the van for a little spin. I hadn’t been a passenger yet so we went for lunch and drove around the block. A nice smooth and quiet ride. We established immediately we will be replacing the radio with a CD/AUX/USB unit as the factory radio doesn’t work at all. 

We had gorgeous weather today and beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow I work the last wedding of the season and it’s bittersweet. I’m exhausted and ready to have my weekends back, but this wedding is a sweet family friend’s so we will also be attending. I’m so excited and happy for her! 

B and I plan to work on Hank all day Sunday so I I’ll make an interior progress post depending on how far along we get. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


IG: @pottsiepackin

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