Well, it’s noon on a Sunday and the first time in months, if not a year I haven’t been up and out of bed before 9am. The holiday weekend was long and busy. 4 different stops over 3 days for us. While fulfilling and warm and cheery…I am wiped out. It’s time for me to hit reset and enjoy a full day alone while B is running some errands and finishing up some things on his record with his band. 

Today I plan to drink a lot of coffee, online Christmas shop, make some grocery lists, clean the house, pack for our cabin stay in Grafton Wednesday and Thursday, and pack/organize stuff in the van (we leave Friday for our first camping trip in Hank!) all while streaming the new Gilmore Girls episodes. Maybe I will even get some Christmas decorating done before the day is over. For now the day is halfway done and I have a lot to do. 

You’ll be seeing a few posts from me this week closer to the weekend. Happy Holidays! 



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