2017 updates…

I woke up the other night making lists again. Fell asleep scrolling through AirBnB looking for a charming cottage on Shaver Lake so we could have a home base while visiting Yosemite in May.

Oh, wait. I haven’t talked about that yet have I? 😉

I have an addiction to planning impromptu trips and traveling as cheap as we can. If that means sleeping in a rental car and buying a cheap cooler to keep sandwiches in while we drive halfway across California, through Oregon and then to mid-Washington then so be it!

Next year, we will see 7 national parks. More if I can make it happen. I’ve posted about those escapes but here’s our new one. 

In early May we will fly to San Francisco, drive a couple hours east and stay outside of Yosemite, spend a whole day there then drive north through California, hit Mount Shasta and continue north to spend the night in Keno, Oregon. Explore Klamath Falls. Leave the following day and check out Crater Lake and Mount Hood, while on the way to Washougal, WA. Stay the night and drive to Mount Rainier in the morning. Drive to Seattle and stay a night before catching a flight home. 

No sleep til Washington!

Can’t wait!


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