The countdown begins!

So close to my favorite holiday, New Years Eve! A time for starting new. When winter is in full swing. When you get to dress up to the nines, go out dancing and kiss your love at midnight with some champagne in hand. Or sit on the couch and eat pizza and fall asleep at 11pm. Whichever is more up your alley. =)

The last couple weeks since I have checked in have been filled to the brim with holiday parties, holiday work schedules, an endlessly messy house, lots of family, re-subscribing to my guilty winter pleasure; World of Warcraft (I’ve been playing off and on for almost ELEVEN years. I love it!) and this past week I’ve so far enjoyed 7 out of 9 whole days off. Doing NOTHING. It has been so great. Tomorrow we have a wedding to go to so that will be a fun and different New Years experience! 

Ah, Christmas! Did everyone have a good one? Ours was pleasant. We didn’t need or ask for much. We got a LOT of stuff we needed for Hank. Camp kitchen stuff; ladles and spatulas, a cast iron skillet, electric burners, a crockpot and a food dehydrator. 

We will hopefully be building our platform in a few weeks! A friend of ours graciously offered to help us. We are so lucky to have such great people around us at all times. I decided to order a small cabinet to install that isn’t custom to the vans measurements but it will go with our decor and have some storage and drawers.

Today I went on a morning hike with M and Hilde! It has been a beautiful day. It felt really good to get outside and stretch and get some fresh air. 

Enjoying the photo quality in my new iPhone 7 by the way!

So, something happened recently that I have kept to myself. I didn’t even tell B until yesterday when I finalized everything. A little under a week ago I was approached by an up and coming news source and blogger’s community website called MyTrendingStories. They asked me to be a contributing writer for their website, which I agreed to! I don’t know if I was just feeling bold or bored but I decided to go for it. Here is a link to my first article! It’s been really fun coming up with some fresh content. I’m looking forward to publishing more! 

I’m still not entirely sure how it works or what really the purpose of the website is. Is it going to help me? My blog? Not sure. I just really enjoy writing and any opportunity to do so I will try. Jumping in headfirst! Maybe it will bring good things, maybe it will bring nothing! Either way I’m very proud of my article, it came from the heart about a serious topic that greatly affects me. Anyone else have experience with MyTrendingStories? Let me know!

The beautiful sunset from this evening. 

Next weekend B, the dogs and I will be taking Hank out camping if it isn’t too cold!

I hope that wonderful things come in 2017. I know a lot of people that had an awful time this year. Besides the handful of tragedies in our friend circle, it really hasn’t been a bad year for us. But next year, tomorrow at midnight…this is gonna be one for the books. I can feel it!

Bring it!


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