Oh, oops.

You know when you mean well to do things? Perhaps seeing a great deal and jump on it to save a few extra bucks? Like say, a flight to Vegas that’s quite a ways out? You tell yourself, “Awesome! I know we are trying to save money, so I’m going to book MY flight for almost nothing using some Southwest points but I will get B’s later so I don’t have to spend extra right now!” 

And then you…forget to buy B’s flight altogether and don’t notice until you’re checking your itinerary for your flight that leaves in 12 days because you see only your name on it?

Yeah that was a fun tidbit to discover last night. D’oh!

Lesson learned, both flights now booked. Instead of leaving at 6:25am, we depart at 10am. At least we’ll get to sleep in a little more?

Also today; realized I messed up a handful of appointments next week. Started to get panicked. Just got everything worked out. 

It’s okay. It almost always works out. 

Sigh. I have to laugh at myself or I would probably go mad. 


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