I am on Day 5 of counting calories and clean eating and I feel like this has to be the last day of all of those toxins leaving my system. I have been so tired. I’m down 4.5 pounds and hope to be down an additional 5.5 in the next two weeks for a total of 10 pounds lost by February 8th.

My main goal is to have lost 15 pounds by March 1st when we take off again on our next trip. Then, the first of April I will begin training physically for our section hike which is 6 months from that point. I need to get my stamina back and tone up! I am almost ashamed to admit how bad I have fallen off. 

After summer, holidays and vacations combined; I have gained back 15lbs of the 25lbs I lost last year.

The above photo is my motivation. I am not and have never been a thin or skinny girl. However, this is a 100% candid picture. B took it one day when we were walking on the bike trail and I was shocked by how good I felt about myself looking at this photo. It was the most in shape physically I’d been in years. I felt fantastic and was super strong. I was going to the gym 3 days a week and biking up to 45 miles/week on top of walking four or five 5k’s/week and moderate to strenuous hiking 6-10 miles nearly every weekend. Where is that motivation today?! 

Overall, losing 25 to 30 pounds total would make me a very happy person. I don’t strive to be skinny, I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself.

Picking up where I left off in July has proven to be fairly difficult. I stayed active, but not AS active. I have spent 6 months eating and drinking whatever I wanted, and while it was satisfying and every second was enjoyed, I genuinely feel like crap. My joints ache, my brain is foggy and I’m not sleeping well. Getting back on track is hard, but it can be done. I just need to overcome the mental hurdle and remember how great I felt last spring and summer. I am posting here right now to hold myself accountable. I will try to check in once a week with an update on mine and B’s progress. 

What do you do to get back on track and stay that way? I am choosing not to have cheat days until I get to a point I am happy. I feel like one cheat meal leads to a cheat day that leads to multiple days. No alcohol for the next month is going to be my biggest challenge, but if I can manage to camp all this weekend without it I’ll call it a win! 

See ya soon.


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