Social media

I hate it/I love it. 

…But I mostly hate it. 

I can now be found on Facebook under “Jenny The Trailhead”. And so I have completed the WordPress-Instagram-Facebook trifecta. 

The reason being I want to further delve into the world of writing and amateur (at best) photography. I’m absolutely not #1 at such things but I sure do enjoy them. I want other people that also enjoy these things to enjoy my things and vice versa. I would love for it to be more than a hobby. 

This year I strive to test more products (I have a couple in my queue!), get more backpacking experience under my belt and acquire the taste of more solo adventuring. I want to take more road trips and see new parks and cowboy camp. I want to embrace things I can’t control. My mind never stops. 

Where can I go next? When? 

It’s been nearly a year since I have started this blog and I have happily kept a consistent and healthy relationship with updating and checking in on it. Things have definitely changed since the beginning but isn’t that just how things grow?

I love to tell a story both in words and in photos. I love to travel. I love those things all together. 

Ah, ramblings. 

Talk to you soon!


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