Yes man

Last year my life mantra was “Yes.” “Sure!” “Okay!”

This year it’s been more, “Ehhh.” “No thanks.” “I would but…”

I felt like last year I was so much happier and enthusiastic about things and it was absolutely because I committed to things and followed through. 

I’ve been extra introvert-y for the past few months (I would say since September, really) and I am trying to break through that mesh.

Last April I reinvented who I was. I started this blog, I adventured more, I made decisions on a whim and let things play out however it was meant to. I don’t know why I am so afraid of stepping outside of the lines these days.

Just wanted to jot this down for future reading/reminding.



4 Comments on “Yes man

  1. Maybe you feel settled enough to have redrawn the lines? I still class myself as adventurous, but say no to things so that I can say yes to the stuff that genuinely excites me. Some people change more than others, so perhaps the more choosy you is emerging as you get older, so that you can focus on the things that really matter?

    • What would I do without your insight!? This makes complete sense. I was definitely outside of my comfort zone last year agreeing to everything. I’m not unhappy this year by any means just much more selective. Thanks for that!

  2. My pleasure. I sometimes have my moments 🙂 It’s actually harder to say no than yes to things, and as there’s no time for everything, it’s important to prioritise. You’re doing just that.

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