Aprily things 

Oh, hello there! Long time no see! It’s been April for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been busy with work, life and some new projects!

I can’t even remember where I last left off so I’ll just start with last weekend. I had been craving some camp time and B had prior plans, so I packed up the van and took Cash out to St. Francois State Park again. I loved the campground and hiking trails out there so much I wanted a repeat. Cash and I got an early start Friday, so we spent the morning and afternoon setting up camp, hiking and waiting for a few friends that met up with us to camp for the weekend!

The Virginia Bluebells were in full force; overwhelming my vision with a sea of purple and blue against a rich green. The nakedness of the Midwestern trees still stark and brown. Life making it’s way through! We’ve had plenty of rain through the end of March and early April. I felt like a little part of Virginia was there with me that day, just reminding me our excursion on the AT is only 5 and a half months from now.We had a peaceful, slow paced walk that day. I paused to take lots of photos. Nobody else on the trail but us. I love solo hiking so much. I’m still working my way into trying new places and perhaps overnighting, but I sure do feel awesome after just a few hours alone.

The AT in the fire calling to me =)

It was a wonderful and comfortable weekend, breaking in spring and relaxing with a few good friends. 

I have also had a super sweet mail week! Proudly supporting the Appalachian Trail: Women’s Group (hands down the most kind and helpful AT group I’ve found on Facebook…come join us!) with a hiking tee and sticker. I spent my REI dividend finally and got the cutest Jetboil Flash I’ve ever seen, plus two long Sea to Summit sporks.

In just 3 weeks we will be flying out to San Francisco for our 5 day roadtrip from Yosemite up to Mt. Rainier. We have some awesome side trips planned for that route! One of them including a hike at Mount St. Helens! I think we have chosen to do Norway Pass. I’m still not sure which trail I want to take on in Yosemite. We will have a day and a half to spend there! Luckily, B just lets me plan and goes with the flow. Lots to do before we leave! It’s time for some list making.
So – I will be making a separate post tonight for a project/organization I am part of! Please check it out, it’s an amazing cause! I plan to share it within the hour!


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