Eleven is my number. I wouldn’t even say it’s lucky, I just know it follows me everywhere. That being said…we have eleven days until we leave to fly to San Francisco, California where we begin our week long roadtrip that ends at Mt. Rainier. I am so excited for it to get here, but I’m also scared it’s going to go by so fast. 

A few things have occurred since my last check in. One of those occurrences being my need for major dental work. Ugh. Along with my regular, every day annoying anxiety comes dental anxiety. I had been hurting since the end of March. I hadn’t been to a dentist in an embarrassingly long while – resulting in not so good news. I have 2 broken teeth in need of either extraction or root canal (I have chosen the RC procedures as I apparently like to torture myself), one of those two teeth are abcessed. Further, I will need 3 crowns, 3 fillings and my wisdom teeth out. All of this coming right at the time our taxes were paid, as well as an unexpected and expensive part/maintenance needed for our car ASAP. 

So you might say things have been a little stressful and I have been extra irritable lately; with my mouth in constant throbbing pain for going on 3 weeks, our finances taking a blow and a vacation coming up that I cannot wait any longer for. Did I mention I can’t get any of my dental work done until we get home due to scheduling? So I am praying hard that I have a comfortable trip with no inconveniences or pain. It’s all I ask! 

The last few weeks have been very trying in many ways. It seems like nothing has gone right. Work has been awful, my general health is off…I just need to get it together. I don’t mean for this post to be so negative, it’s just that I have to put it out there somewhere because keeping it bottled does me no good. =)

So. I have decided that I fit in wonderfully alongside April showers and May flowers. It has come to my attention (thank you TimeHop) and I realized that nearly every year come this time; I begin to emerge from the dark cave I tuck myself into every November. Like a perennial, I find my way back out come April – desperately seeking sunshine and the promise of warmer days ahead. A thirst for rain and shine to help me grow. This past winter was a rough one. I welcome spring wholeheartedly.

Part of this season brings new adventures and the excitement of visiting places unknown to me. I can’t wait to see the wonders of Muir Woods and Yosemite Valley. I am ecstatic to see Multnomah Falls and finally experience the blue of Crater Lake. To spend an afternoon walking among the grounds of Mount Saint Helens and view a looming Mt. Rainier. And everything in between. Being with my best friend. I need this so much right now. We are just checking the National Parks off of our list and having the best time doing it.

Happy Earth Day. I didn’t get to be outside today due to laundry and housework but I’m going to try to convince B to take me hiking tomorrow. I hope everyone has had a great weekend! 

Talk soon.


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