Something new we are going to try this year. The word “vlog” or “vlogging” is just so ridiculous sounding I can’t even take it seriously.

But! We’re going to give this a try. Nothing fancy. Smashing together photos and video clips of our outings, and then sometimes me or B talking about outdoorsy things. I made a YouTube channel I linked in my menu section. We’re gonna put something together in the next few weeks after our Cali-Oregon-Washington trip. 

A FB friend on my favorite Facebook group (Midwest Adventures – if you’re Midwest, come join us!!!) tossed the idea my way after I shared a 4 minute video I made last year and…why not? I’m terribly awkward in person and even more so on screen so, you’ll get to see all that play out. Fun for all. 

My number one main reason for doing it is to continue networking and keep growing my little web of other backpackers (new and seasoned and everything in between) and outdoor bloggers so we can help each other out. I have met some INCREDIBLE people the last year I have been doing this and I want to continue to grow in that way. Also, I have had a couple opportunities thrown my way for reviewing products WHICH IS AWESOME.

So yeah, I’ll be a spaz on a video to try stuff out and tell you about our trips and treks and our plans and share some of our weird, happy little boring life. 

What do you think about video blogging? 


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