Oh what a whirlwind.

The last 4 weeks have gone by so quickly and here we are in June. JUNE! So much has happened and I really have missed making my weekly posts. How can I possibly catch everything up?!

Goodness. My last in depth post was April 30th. May was a blur. We adventured in California, hit snow in Oregon, and played in Washington. If you’d like an actual “here’s what went down on our trip” play by play, check out our video diary!

Yosemite and Beyond Adventure Vlog!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our epic roadtrip:

That was a hard to detach from vacation. I spent a good week or more bummed out that I didn’t actually live in the PNW. My favorite area hands down was Cascade Locks and the Columbia River Gorge. Absolutely stunning!

We got back on Monday, May 8th, and I had a root canal procedure the very next morning. Welcome home! That was the first of 2. The second one I had done on the 24th. All went well. Now I am in the process of getting my crowns done and some fillings. Gah. Teeth.

(Also in between all of that, M and C had their baby!!! He’s the cutest little guy. I am so happy for my best friends!)

Memorial Day weekend, B and I left for a backpacking trip down in Southern Illinois on the River to River Trail. We had every intention of hiking all 27 miles from Garden of the Gods to Lusk Creek trailhead…but were greeted with severe storms and what I thought was a stomach bug. It turns out, I am lactose intolerant. Let’s just say I was grateful to not be trapped in a tent during an intense thunderstorm during that discovery. =)

You can also catch that video diary here:

River to River Trail Section Hike

Not everything we do will be documented and shared on YouTube; I will still be utilizing this blog for local dayhikes and such! YouTube channel will be more for our bigger outings.

Another great and exciting event that has happened is my acceptance as Midwest Chapter Ambassador for MtnChicks! Check it here:

Summer Update!
You can also find links on my sidebar here on this page to the website, and through the website a link to the Midwest Mountain Chicks Facebook group. 

This is going a be a crazy busy summer between planning events and prepping for some other stuff. We still have a 10 day trip to Florida coming up and a weekend at Mammoth Cave soon. 

I’ve been missing this outlet. I’m not done here. I will be back!





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