This number will signify a few things in this post. Firstly – my Facebook page has ONE HUNDRED followers! How cool is that. Thanks so much!!

Secondly – besides the last couple days, the Midwest weather has felt like 100+ degrees. Ugh. Is it fall yet?

Lastly, and the most important thing I have to say – is my hair has been 100% AMAZING the last month. Because of MoNat.

YES – ANOTHER HAIR POST! This is my third hair post in the year I’ve been blogging. (If you’re new here, I am a hairstylist and I make the occasional beauty post for those of us outdoorsy women looking for natural fixes for hair tricks.) I try to stick with my nature theme here – even in my non-hiking/traveling posts. 

The first post was a guide to No ‘Poo. A habit I picked up after suffering from crunchy dry and brittle hair for a stretch. I stuck with No ‘Poo long enough to do a follow up post a handful of months later and up until 4 weeks ago – I had No ‘Pooed for 9 solid months. Until MoNat hit my radar.

*Stop reading if you want bad hair.*

Carry on if you want a great change.

I had seen MoNat being plastered all over social media. My first thought was “Great, another gimmick. “ItWorks” in hair form.” Wrong. I reluctantly took a sample and was wowed in one wash. Here’s why I decided to try it though after committing to no chemicals for so long…

MoNat is a botanical and essential oil based line of hair care. Non-toxic and vegan (cruelty free!) and designed by scientists. It is an independent company that will never sell out to diversion – your shampoo will be delivered to your door and will never be watered down. All drugstore and even salon shampoos and conditioners are 80% water and 20% actual product. MoNat is 60% product and 40% reverse osmosis water that contain zero contaminants such as heavy minerals and pesticides. MoNat is made in small batches, guaranteeing you a fresh product, which also comes with a shelf life. 

It is the ONLY hair care product that is proven to reverse split ends and aging on your strands. I have been doing hair for 13 years and I have not seen or used products that do what MoNat does. I have had my hardest to please clients won over. I don’t even have to TRY to sell these products. They legitimately sell themselves! 

I am just excited to share my newfound love of products that encourage new hair growth, strengthen hair from the inside out, keep blondes from turning brassy, help give body and life to fine, limp hair…spring those dry curls into a shiny ringlet! It is possible to have hair you love. Let me show you!This is my sister 3 weeks into MoNat Balance System. Her fine, thick but limp hair just hangs when she was using cheap shampoo. The after photo is Monat, DAY 2! She used to wash her hair daily and is now going 2-3 days. Her hair is fuller, shinier and so much healthier.This is my husband after 2 weeks of MoNat’s Classic Confidence System. Look at all of his new hair growth!! Black and white so you can see the new dark hair coming in.This little lady has super curly, free spirit hair. She was the flower girl in my wedding! Her mom is a friend of mine and she has tried EVERYTHING on her curly girl. MoNat gave her these shiny and defined curls in one wash. One. Wash. Top before – bottom after.These photos are MY people. I know their hair. They are not an ad or stock photo. These are real results. They wowed me! 

Here is MY before and current. No ‘Poo on the left, last Thursday on the right. Notice the split ends and brittleness in my before photo, and the full, shiny fresh ends in the after. I have not cut my hair since February.How ’bout that!

I want to see your before and after. Please if you have any questions feel free to comment! If you’d like to order MoNat – visit my distributor site at http://www.jenpotts.mymonat.com – if you are interested in being a market partner let me know! It’s an incredible opportunity.

With a 30 day money back guarantee…you can’t go wrong trying it for a month to see how your hair works with MoNat.

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