3/4 August (but in September)

Like my last entry, this one is late. By about 4 weeks. Better late than never?

We have had a pretty mild August (weather wise) surprisingly. Enough to tent camp comfortably, with even a little chill at night…MY FAVORITE! Last year on the same weekend, M, K & I ventured north to Savanna, IL for an all women’s motorcycle meet up and camp out. It was an absolute blast…becoming one of my favorite weekends of the year to look forward to. We camp out near Mississippi Palisades State Park on the Mississippi River, on a stretch of privately owned land. Attached is an abandoned restaurant and bar.

This year, M’s co-worker (we will call her K2!) came with and so K and I followed the two of them up in my car and acted as their support vehicle. (Mostly I felt like those guys on Sons of Anarchy who tail the biker club in a black van…) This event is one of the most laid back, accepting and inclusive groups of girls I have ever met. I don’t even own a motorcycle and they don’t question why you’re there. It’s all about the company and enjoying a fun weekend in a neat little town.IMG_5737IMG_5683K2 hanging by the riverIMG_5691 Our little tent cityIMG_5736Shower bus!IMG_5757Some of the best pizza I have ever had was at this little eclectic place in Iowa called “Bombfire Pizza“.IMG_5758IMG_5809There was a very cool meteor shower this same weekend and we sat out under the stars, with local Rhubarb wine and karaoke blasting in the background.

After the Babes in Motoland 3 weekend, B and I spent a couple days at the lake with his parents and mine. The week before BIM3, I had the beginnings of a gross cold setting in. The lake weekend, I believe it was at it’s peak. I was SO sick I ended up sleeping a lot of it, and stayed up in the cottage out of the heat because it was making me miserable. The first time I have ever been to the lake and spent the whole weekend inside! We still had fun though!IMG_5953IMG_5827 The next week, I battled off the rest of my sickness and it finally disappeared after day 15. Ick.

The first three quarters of August was busy and so much fun. The last of it was just the same! That will be saved for my next entry, as the whole post is related enough to work together!


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