Dog days 

***Edit: The next series of posts are VERY TARDY!! I started this July based post in early August and am just finishing up this evening. Oof! Expect a couple other August posts! I have been so busy this summer (a good thing!) So catch up on what I have been up to if ya wish. Here we go!

Why is it called dog days? Well I just looked it up and it’s interesting at least! Ironically, this post is about our trip to Florida which officially began on July 22 – the start of the “dog days of summer.”

Right now I’m lying in my living room, resisting the urge to light fall scented candles as my windows are open and I can hear cicada calling. It’s already beginning to get dark a little earlier than the week before. It’s only the beginning of August but it sure is feeling September-y. False advertisement!

This nice weather is looking like it will be sticking around for Babes in Motoland 3 (here’s my post on BIM2 from last summer!) which I will be attending again this year with M & K. Looking forward to another fun weekend up north with some good craft beer and fun ladies!

Let’s get on the roadtrip to Florida track!

We left Thursday, July 20th (my 33rd birthday!) around 6pm. My mother in law got me the PCT book I’ve been wanting! We drove about 3 hours to Calvert City, Kentucky  and spent the night, getting an early start Friday morning and driving to the very bottom of Georgia where we stayed in Lake Park, GA.

A couple pics from Friday:Right next to our hotel was a little restaurant called Cowboys Firepit & Grill. We ate and listened to some live music and had a laid back evening after a super long drive. I slept amazing that night. The next stretch of driving was 3 hours to our condo. Off we went!We got to the resort at 10am and checkin wasn’t until 3 or 4. So we just chilled by the pool and I started Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart and enjoyed some fruity drinks. After we got settled into the condo we met up for dinner with the rest of B’s family and called it an early night.

Sunday was my lazy day. B got up to golf (first of three days) at 5am and I slept in, read my book in bed and watched some HGtv. Fascinating – I know! B got back around 1 and we went to one of the pools we hadn’t seen yet and walked around. We again met for dinner and drinks that evening.Monday me and B woke up super early and went for an hour and a half drive up to Paynes Prairie State Park and then hit Ocala National Forest on the way back. It was so hot! But what a different hiking experience!img_5204img_5227img_5190After we left Payne’s Prairie we drove to Ocala to check out Juniper Springs. Such an interesting place – so different from our Midwest parks! The springs are crystal clear and accented with the most beautiful blues and turquoise. AND ALLIGATORS!Turtles!The rest of the week was filled with sun, some Daytona sand, family and spent poolside with a lot of fruity drinks!Florida sunsets will never get old.

Forever grateful for our opportunities to travel and getting to spend our time doing what we love!


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