Mountain Chicks Strike Again

Unofficially, however. The last full weekend of August, a few of us Mountain Chicks got together for a weekend of camping and hiking. It was a beautiful weekend of getting to know each other a little more and tackling some trails. As you can see my summer has been quite fulfilling, but with not enough hiking. I changed that a couple weekends ago. We are training to leave for our Appalachian Trail section hike in a few weeks so hiking as much as possible up until that point is necessary.

BK, S (plus Fernando!) and I (with Cash!) met up and camped at St. Francois State Park. IMG_5972IMG_5977IMG_5973IMG_5978Friday night we stayed up late talking and listening to music. We turned in around midnight probably, and got up the next morning to head to Mina Sauk Falls at Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. While there were no falls running, it was a beautiful hike still.

IMG_5986IMG_6039 (1)IMG_6071IMG_6037IMG_5998IMG_6007IMG_5990IMG_6005IMG_6006IMG_6142

After Taum Sauk we ventured to Hughes Mountain to hike the Devil’s Honeycomb trail. It was so cool! There were crazy views of Missouri on top of Hughes Mt. (1,200ft. elevation). Hughes Mountain summit is comprised of rhyolite, a type of igneous rock.

IMG_6087IMG_6072IMG_6068IMG_6024IMG_6033IMG_6027 After hiking all day, we were thirsty and exhausted. We came back to our campsite and changed into comfy shoes and clean clothes, then drove down to the creek to sit until the sunset.IMG_6048IMG_6054IMG_6062IMG_6046We spent the evening around the fire with some beer and s’mores. DCIM101GOPROG0051182.JPGDCIM101GOPROG0101190.JPGI am so grateful for these girls! It is so difficult to meet people as you get older. Getting to be a Mountain Chicks Ambassador has been a great gift for me! It has taken this extremely introverted, “say no to everything” anxious mess of a girl and turned her into a mountain climbing, squat to pee in the woods, dirt and sweat caked, trail loving, ramblin’ woman.

Another fellow Mountain Chick – H, messaged me this past Wednesday night and asked if I had any plans for Friday. B and I had the day off work. We were actually planning to go backpacking for two nights but he got called in to work on Sunday. Instead we decided to just dayhike.

So the timing was perfect when H texted me because B and I had a 12 mile hike planned, and he is MUCH faster than I am. I let H know the plan and she happily obliged to coming along and I am SO GLAD SHE DID. The hike (Pine Ridge Trail at St. Joe State Park) is listed as 12.6 miles, but it ended up being 13.something miles (we can get one of those marathon stickers now, right?) and my feet found blisters in places I didn’t know blisters could form. I am glad to be getting these hotspots out of the way and calloused before our trip in a few weeks!IMG_6205IMG_6204IMG_6194IMG_6195The majority of the hike, H and I talked her PCT adventure, and about sangria and watermelon. So we took it as a sign when we went to Applebee’s for post hike food that the seasonal drink on their cocktail menu was…Watermelon Sangria! IMG_6207I must say this summer has been one of the best yet. Making new friends and adventuring as much as possible as well as pushing myself to new limits. I am loving this new chapter in my life; my 30s. I have never been more open to new things or accepting of myself. It is glorious. I highly suggest it.

OMG. I am caught up on my blog. I solemnly swear I am not going to fall that far behind again! I will be blogging here as well as vlogging our Virginia and Appalachian Trail trip on our YouTube channel.

This coming weekend I have organized another Mountain Chicks Midwest event. If you’re located anywhere in the Midwest click the link there and stay tuned for lots of chapter events all over the Midwest! (States Served: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.)

The weekend after that we’re going on a float trip, the weekend after THAT, I am hosting a Monat event (click here to read about Monat!) and then…we leave for Virginia! AHHHHHHHHH SO BUSY ALWAYS!





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