Post Trail Blues

And just like that, we were back home.

In the wake of returning to normal, every day work life tomorrow – I find myself with no energy, sighing loudly every few minutes and trying to avoid thoughts of the overwhelmingly busy reality that’s about to hit.

I have a few things I can cling to in the coming weeks. Blog posts, video editing; a beginners backpacking trip I’m fronting in a couple weeks. Another Mountain Chicks weekend outing in November. Lots of van camping and our 4th wedding anniversary next month.

I won’t lie, I was missing my bed and my dogs. I had thought and hoped maybe I’d be on a crazy high when I came home but it seems to be the opposite =( I guess I’m just feeling emotional. It’s only been a few days and I already feel so detached from it all. This trip took forever to get here and then, it was just…done. While I will never forget the mere week and a half Virginia was our home, where we met wonderful like minded new friends and the trail was always certain, and the white blazes led the way…

I needed more time.

More days, more miles. More memories. This was only just a taste of one of the best experiences of my life. I need more.

This isn’t over yet!

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