Piney Creek Ravine

Good morning! And a good one it is so far; it is nearing 11am and I am sipping my coffee in a big cozy sweatshirt and pj pants, with my feet kicked up.

Yesterday Heather, Bailey and I decided to brave the cold (it was 4* when I left St. Louis at 8:45am and roughly 14* when I got to the trailhead an hour and 40 minutes south of me) and hike around in southern Illinois.

The three of us had been chatting in the last week and came to the conclusion that for our sanity we had to get outside so Bailey encouraged us to come down her way. She lives in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest. Lucky girl!

It ended up being one of the most fun days. Despite our faces being so cold, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I swear, before Mountain Chicks came along I don’t think I have truly laughed so hard. I mean, laughing is laughing and I have some funny people in my life. It’s just that these girls get me down to my core, rolling in stomach and face muscle aches and crying tears laughing. We always have so much fun. I love my tribe of hiking girls! They have fit like a puzzle piece I didn’t even know I had been missing in this chapter of my life so unbelievably comfortably. We were greatly missing Sara and Fernando!

I got to play around some with my camera again. Still not sure about all of the settings. There’s so much to learn!! Luckily my friends didn’t mind being the subjects for photos.

Next weekend (if the weather permits us) B and I are planning to get a 12-15 mile day in so I can start prepping my legs and lungs for this hiking season and for the 5 day LHX2018 backpacking trip coming up in May. I have a lot to train for this year!

Since it’s a little more difficult to get out much right now, I am currently working on a post series highlighting some of my favorite Missouri parks! Stay tuned for that as well as more information on #LHX2018. The next few months are sure to be full of excitement and preparation.


10 Comments on “Piney Creek Ravine

  1. Oh Piney Ravine 🙂 absolutely love this place. A true hidden gem. Great pics and the waterfalls are beautiful frozen! Good job braving the cold and getting out there!!

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  2. Haha I love the pictures! I just bought myself a bendable lightweight tripod for my iPhone so I can take pictures when I’m by myself and I’m really looking forward to learning how to use it soon. I also love that you found your hiking tribe! That’s how I feel with my Girls Who Hike group here in Alaska. I love having a group of girls who are always down to do something fun!

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  3. Shawnee National Forest is still high on my bucket list to explore. Is it a future Mount Chicks group hike spot?! I love all your photos. Do you have a set training program that you use for hiking?

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    • Definitely keep an eye out for Mountain Chicks events this year in Southern IL! My friend and new ambassador Bailey (she’s the one with the red backpack in these pics!) lives in Shawnee! My best way to stay hiking conditioned is to just go as often as possible =) squats, walking, and treadmills on highest incline help too!

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