I’ve been thinking. (It’s sincerely nothing that exciting.) It’s mostly about me needing to apologize to myself and come clean about trying to be something I can’t be.


I tried for about a month…a good, solid month, to have one of those aesthetically pleasing outdoor themed Instagram feeds where everything is the same tone and feeling. Did it look nice? Sure. Kinda? Was it what I had pictured for my feed? Honestly, not really. I failed and I’ll tell you why.

A) I have said this a million times. I’m a tornado. Nothing I do will get done 100% if it doesn’t feel good to me. Trying to twist something left that needs to go right does not work.

2) Sometimes, no matter how many filters you apply, certain photos don’t want to be a cooler tone so it just doesn’t look right.

3) I was starting to get anxious about it looking right and keeping the posts consistent, making sure they were all the same/similar colors that it wasn’t enjoyable. (My friends already call me “Insta-Jen” because I post so much, but this was becoming a worry!)

So…I’m sorry me. For making you feel like in order to have a cool Instagram account it has to match those who also have a “cool” Instagram account.

I would rather post a memory; a photo and a short summary of a trip I enjoyed and have it be true to life than have to spend 20 minutes adjusting levels in a photo editor. I am just not a photographer. And that’s ok.

Welcome back to my original, kinda blurry, colorful, chaotic, 85% of these are iPhone pictures Instagram gallery.

I feel better already!


4 Comments on “Instamess

  1. Second outdoors person I follow who has written something similar in the last month or so. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in capturing the right picture or pictures for your blog or spending endless hours editing and writing that we forget the essence of why we spend so much time in the great outdoors. I guess when our focus is someplace else, we take the chance of missing what we live for. Outdoors and nature. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I’m not a photographer. I take hiking pictures with my phone. Some of them turn out really well, and most of them are ok. More than anything else, they remind me of the moments and the people (and the beer). The only reason my pics might have similar tones is that I live in Oregon, and we have 10 million shades of green here. It’s kind of our thing. I’ll admit that I’ve been known to fuss and dither and re-write and re-re-write to try to convey my experiences, but I’ve been that kind of writer since I was an undergrad. My Instagram feed isn’t ‘cool’, but I think it gives a decent look into the places and people I love.

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    • Exactly. I have no desire to keep up with the cool accounts, just to enjoy being where I am and sharing a blip of that moment with people that share a like mind. All about keeping it real and engaging and finding people I can relate and talk to =)


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