…Sorry for what I said when I was hangry.

When I am preparing for a 2-5 day trip, one of the first things I worry about is my menu. Food is important when you’re miles from civilization, and it’s also very heavy. Outside of the convenience of a handful of trail mix or protein bars, we all want the comfort of an actual meal on the trail. I don’t know about you, but I love taking a break after putting in some miles, sitting somewhere with a view or water feature and making good food for myself. Sometimes that break sets the tone for the rest of my day, and if I’m well fed I can and will happily carry on. At the end of the day, nothing is better than a fire and big meal to help me unwind.

I would like to share a couple of my favorite, easy low carb trail meals and snacks! You can alter these to fit a day hike or even a multi-day trip. Be sure you use any fresh produce or perishable ingredients on the first day. The cheeses, cured meats, and packaged condiments will last you well within a week if stored properly and mild weather permits.

Tuna Wraps x2

– Two Mission Carb Balance tortillas

– A package of tuna (one packet can easily make two wraps)

– Mayo packet

– Black olives

– Salt/pepper

– Sauce pack of your choice

– Bring a ripe avocado or handful of raw spinach for an extra flavor kick

Place tuna onto a tortilla, add a line of mayo, add salt and pepper, black olives and drizzle with sauce. Slice up avocado and add spinach if you’ve got it. Roll into a burrito!

It doesn’t look very appetizing but it’s soooo tasty!

Cream Cheese Bombs

– Pepperoni or salami slices

– Cream cheese packet

– Black olives, sliced

Plop some cream cheese onto pepperoni/salami, then squish a black olive onto the cream cheese. Eat in one bite. Also good with pickles!

I also swear by Land-o-Lakes individually wrapped cheddar (the sharper the better), Babybel or Cheese Whisps for a crunchy cheese fix.

Old Wisconsin turkey bites are delicious as well as pre-cooked shelf stable bacon.

I will sometimes bring along salted almonds, cashews or natural peanut/other nut butters. Hardboiled eggs make great one-day trail snacks too. If you have a stove with you, hot chicken broth/boullion to sip is always a treat. The sodium in the broth helps replenish lost electrolytes. I like to bring a Propel water packet for the same reason and to give me an energy boost as well.

A great seasoning I can’t recommend enough: It is delicious on nearly everything! Mixed in with cream cheese, on eggs made any way, on top of avocado.

These meals and snacks are high in fats and protein – great for LCHF (low carb high fat) or regular low carbers. The foods I listed and enjoy satiate my hunger for sure, without giving me a carb crash later.

What are your go-to trail snacks or meals?

3 Comments on “…Sorry for what I said when I was hangry.

  1. Thank you for sharing about the seasoning! It looks amazing! I recently found out that small sized tamales make a great day hike snack. Especially when they’re cold because they hold together better.

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