Trail Tuesday – Pre-LHX!

Good morning! This will be my last post for a week or so! Eek!

I usually have posts ready to go and schedule them out a week or two in advance but I have had a lot happening on the daily. I’ve been pulling double duty at work to make some extra money and so I don’t have a ton to catch up on when I return. 10-12 hour days and 6 day work weeks have been the norm for about 3 weeks. I am very much looking forward to getting off early this Friday and getting in some much needed road tripping, camping and trail time!

Yep. LHX is nearly here – this coming Sunday we officially set out on the trail and I can’t believe how quickly it came up! When Brian Ford contacted me last fall and asked me to join the team, I knew I would have some hurdles to work around for an April/May trip – wedding season beginning, everyday schedule arrangements both at my small business and at home with the dogs, as well as preparing things for myself mentally and physically. Everything has worked out great!

This past weekend was a hectic one, Friday I worked late. Saturday morning I had a wedding party to get ready, Turkey’s band played a show for Record Store Day, we had an event to go to that night that we overlapped with something else and I was hosting a MtnChicks Earth Day hike Sunday morning. Unfortunately, our hike got rained out. It poured all day Sunday in Bonne Terre and for the first time ever in a year I had to postpone an outing due to weather. I don’t let a little drizzle get me down but it was pretty relentless. Major bummer!

PSA – This post is mostly just me smushing in a bunch of last minute thoughts. Next week I plan to be blogging from the trail. I love crawling into my tent and journaling at night. It will be my downtime and it will help to be able to do it from the LHHT so my family knows what’s up! If I can post immediately I will, if not I’ll have to post as we have service! We have a town/resupply day so I’m sure we’ll have access to Internet at least then!

Tonight I am getting the rest of my gear and food packed. In the homestretch. I’m sure Friday morning I’ll still be packing some things I will think I need. It’s tradition for me to obsessively quadruple check my suitcase and backpack contents and go over my lists non stop until I leave. (I will definitely forget something.)

Yesterday was my craziest day at work this week. The rest is busy as well – but only normal busy. On that note, I think it’s time to get up, make some coffee and enjoy the morning. We will talk soon! Wish us luck!

You can follow our journey next week on IG using the #LHX2018 hashtag or follow me at @jennythetrailhead!


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