Product Review – InstaFire

Let’s be real. Everyone searches for a way to make things easier.

I get tagged in tons of “camping hacks” articles. While some of the ideas are really creative, a lot of them can be a reach. One hack I see a lot that actually makes sense includes different homemade fire starters. Now, if you’re a “craft night” person, those are likely perfect for you! Myself, however…I tend to be more of a last-minute-weekend-trip, “grab and go” from the gear shelf kinda gal.

Starting a fire can be a frustrating task.

This past May, I successfully learned how to start a fire in a series of emergency drills during LHX. Our instructors were fantastic – but when it comes to a real-life situation, you don’t know how you would react. If I were truly in a position that required me to use those skills – would I be able to recall all of them? Could I think clearly in below-freezing weather or remain calm if I were injured?

When InstaFire messaged me to try out their product, I was happy to! InstaFire was featured on SharkTank and is safe for both indoor or outdoor use. One package can start 4 fires. It’s all natural and eco-friendly as well as lightweight which makes it perfect for backpacking. Everyone loves convenience, and InstaFire truly delivers.

“Unlike cubes or fuel-based lighters, this lighter is made from recycled wood, volcanic rock, and a new, patented blend of food-grade paraffin wax. Leftover ash serves as a natural fertilizer. No lighter fluids or starters needed.”

We took the product on the road with us on our 2-week trip and had great success! Unfortunately, a lot of places we camped out west did not permit campfires due to dry conditions and extreme heat. The few places we were able to enjoy a fire though, we had one up and going very quickly. I would say in under 2 minutes, and our fires burned long and hot.

I will definitely carry this with me in the backcountry. I feel that in combination with my learned skills, InstaFire is kind of like insurance. I have definitely tried many other fire starters with success…but the packaging, the material, and weight of this product is a win for me with the type of outdoor activities I partake in!

Click HERE if you’d like to give InstaFire a try!


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