CBD and Me

For the last few months I have been experimenting with CBD oil and edibles as another natural way (outside of hiking) of easing my anxiety. Along with my anxiety comes restlessness and mild insomnia.

CBD comes from the same plant as marijuana – where THC is also found. BUT – CBD and THC are two different compounds. CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t alter your state of mind; but studies show that it does have beneficial effects on your body.

In the time I’ve been using CBD; I have noticed a drastic positive change in my sleep patterns, metabolism, restless legs and most importantly – my lifelong anxiety. CBD gummies are a must for backpacking trips. I take one in the morning before setting off and one before bed for a restful nights sleep (and it helps aches and pains!)I have tried many different brands to find what works best for me. Some aren’t pure CBD and some brands are even cut with melatonin to give you that relaxed feeling.

Before I do any type of review, I ask for ample time to use the product, feel it out and come back with an honest opinion. I genuinely look for the pros and cons in anything that I’m asked to try. I would never give a highly rated review to something I didn’t actually believe in. I’m coming at you today with GoGreen Hemp products and I’m giving them a solid 8.5/10.

The product quality, the customer service and the effectiveness of their product is on point.

The only reason it’s not a 10/10 is for their price (remember – you do get what you pay for) and for some people, the taste of some products. Personally, I can look past that but I wanted to be honest – if you’re expecting super sweet peach rings, these will not be the “candy taste” you’re looking for. To me, that CBD taste = a pure product.

The oil itself doesn’t taste bad at all. The orange is rather tasty! I love the unflavored with my morning coffee. Three weeks ago I started using GoGreen Hemp products. I was sent a balm, 2 bath bombs, 2 CBD oils, and a container of peach rings.

I came home from a camping trip and found my little care package waiting on the porch. I was experiencing a mild headache so when I opened the box I applied the balm (it smells so good!) on my temples, between my eyes and behind my ears and ate one 25mg peach ring. Within 20 minutes my headache subsided. I was relieved!

The GoGreen Hemp peach rings are the first CBD edible where I can actually taste the earthy, bitter compound and the first CBD edible I can feel a genuine physical effect. My muscles relax, and my thoughts quit racing and no feeling of sleepiness.

I ingest CBD multiple times a day, even during work hours and function perfectly fine. I enjoy many mornings taking my oil drops on an empty stomach and then drinking my normal 2 cups of coffee.

I am highly impressed with this brand of CBD, and I have tried roughly 4-5 different brands since the end of September.

I’d love to offer my readers & followers a 15% off code to use for the holidays! If you’d like to treat yourself or a family member to the gift of CBD – visit GoGreenHemp.com and use code JENNYTHETRAILHEAD at checkout.

Have you used CBD before?

5 Comments on “CBD and Me

    • Yes! I love finding natural fixes to help. Too many years of self medicating or masking issues with unhealthy habits. I’m so happy trying the more natural way!


  1. I take CBD for some genetically inherited arthritis pain. Mine is a topical for inflammation recovery and works well. Hiking can cause discomfort, so it’s good to have something natural to rely on. Happy hiking!


    • I absolutely agree! I love my CBD, especially after a long weekend of hiking and backpacking!


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