Find Me

I truly believe that life and everything in it is all about timing. It’s far too intricate and detailed for things to be just a coincidence, right?

I received an email a couple months ago from an independent filmmaker around 2 in the morning my time. (I’m not sure why I was awake so late on a Monday…) Through his words, I could feel his excited, genuine energy and strangely enough, I felt I somehow knew this person writing me. Like an old friend penning a letter, the words that Tom Huang wrote spoke to me and held me. Being someone who follows their feelings – I felt compelled to respond immediately.

Tom was reaching out to me as he had found my blog and wanted to connect. You see, his multi-award winning independent film – “Find Me” was soon to be released. He simply invited me to view it. I happily agreed to.

The Vimeo link sat for awhile before I could give the time to watch the film in full. I really wanted to commit to seeing it through from beginning to end with no interruptions. I came home from work one afternoon a few weeks later, turned my phone on “Do Not Disturb” and settled in to the 1 hour and 42 minute movie, not quite sure what to expect.

The metaphorical trip I took while watching this film moved me in a way I haven’t experienced before. It was sort of an awakening…yet still familiar. The timing of all of this and the storyline couldn’t have been more linear to some major events in my life. Without going into too much detail, the underlying topic of the film hit very close to home.

Joe is our main character. He is newly divorced and stuck overworking in a cubicle alongside a quirky and adventurous co-worker; Amelia.

Joe lives a pretty unimpressive and dull day-to-day where Amelia is known to up and go when the need for wonder and change of scenery arises. She is very adamant about the importance of seeing and experiencing amazing places.

One morning, she doesn’t show up for work. Not so unusual for her, until that one morning becomes several. A mysterious letter ends up in Joe’s hands and we find ourselves tagging along on a beautiful and scenic journey through the National Parks of the West – chasing Amelia and her clues while Joe unknowingly searches for and finds himself as well.

I am so grateful that Tom “found me” so that I could have the honor of watching his beautiful and heartbreakingly honest film.

We all live our lives in a routine. But what if we chose not to every once in awhile? What if we let go of the things holding us back from truly living? What if we said yes to every opportunity? What if we often chose to do what makes us feel most alive? We only have so much time.

If you want to take an easy adventure, I insist you watch this movie. I guarantee it will stir something within you!

You can watch Find Me on Amazon or!

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