About Me

Hey! I’m Jen! I am from Southwestern Illinois. I love being outside.

You can find me volunteering my free time to outdoor causes, cleaning up state parks, trail building with the Ozark Trail Association when I can, hiking, camping, backpacking, roadtripping, obsessing over related gear, enjoying ALL kinds of music, writing, traveling often, making and eating good food, and overall; loving and spending as much time as possible with my family and my dogs.

You’ll see mentioned frequently, my best friend/husband Brian (aka: B or his trailname Turkey!)

I come here to Jenny the Trailhead a few times a month to organize pictures, thoughts, stories and future plans; be it a day hike, a weekend trip to a state park, or preparing for our next Appalachian Trail section. I also enjoy reviewing and highlighting local Missouri and Illinois trails.

Jenny the Trailhead X Honey Stinger Hive Program. (Jan. 2017 – Present)

In May 2018 I participated in #LHX2018, an adventure that gives back to Gear Forward, an outdoor based non-profit I work part-time for as a Development Coordinator.

In February 2019 my passion project was born – the Illinois Park Project. After an unexpected end after two years leading some amazing adventures with Mountain Chicks, I wanted to lead something proactive and incredible. Something genuine!

In August 2019 I was graced with an amazing opportunity to step in as part-owner of True North Expeditions, Inc. – A midwest based outdoor guide company specializing in backpacking, hiking, kayaking, wellness and yoga! Let us plan the logistics so you can enjoy your trip. Join our trail fam! Check us out!

Thanks for following along. See you out there!


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