About Me

Hey! I’m Jen! I am from Southwestern Illinois. I love being outside.

You can find me volunteering my free time to outdoor causes, trail building with the Ozark Trail Association when I can, hiking, camping, backpacking, obsessing over related gear, enjoying ALL kinds of music, writing, traveling often, making and eating good food, sipping on a cold Moscow Mule, and overall; loving and spending as much time as possible with my family and my dogs.

You’ll see mentioned frequently, my best friend/husband Brian (aka: B or his trailname Turkey!)

I come here to Jenny the Trailhead a few times a month to organize pictures, thoughts, stories and future plans; be it a day hike, a weekend trip to a state park, an outing as an Ambassador with my Midwest Chapter Mountain Chicks, or preparing for our next big trip. I also enjoy reviewing and highlighting local Missouri and Illinois trails.

I was chosen this year to join Epic Social as a 2018 Epic Social Adventurer, site contributor and board member! I’ll keep you in the loop with blog posts and events that I will be part of with Epic Social!

As of January 2018, Honey Stinger became a Jenny The Trailhead sponsor.

In May 2018 I participated in #LHX2018, an adventure that gives back to Gear Forward, an outdoor based non-profit I proudly represent.

We recently purchased Rennie – our 2018 A-Liner Ranger 12 camper! In July 2018, we towed her cross country to California for 2 weeks! (#ramblinrennie)

Thanks for following along. See you out there!


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