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Rewild Your Life Daily Challenge

Has anyone else signed up for the RYLDC for May?  I’m looking forward to connecting more with the outside! Basically it requires you to spend 30 minutes outside once per day sans electronics (photos ARE encouraged! Try airplane mode if you use your phone… Continue Reading “Rewild Your Life Daily Challenge”

Lake of the Ozarks

Happy Sunday! We just got back from my husband’s family cottage in the Lake of the Ozarks. This won’t be a camping or hiking post, but sometimes this place is nearly just as good as a weekend in the woods. It sits on the 4… Continue Reading “Lake of the Ozarks”

Close to home…

You will see a lot of posts featuring Lake Glendale at Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois, near Paducah, Kentucky on this weblog. I like to think it has basically become our unspoken home base campground. We were there probably 4-6 times last year. … Continue Reading “Close to home…”

Living in the moment…

In my personal opinion, anytime outdoors is refreshing and time well spent. Except for when it’s too cold. Or rainy. Because my hair, duh. Or hot. Like humid sweat your face off awkward sunburn hot. Basically just give me somewhere between 60 to 85… Continue Reading “Living in the moment…”

Here we are…

trail·head ˈtrālˌhed/noun: trailhead; plural noun: trailheads The place where a trail begins. — Or in this case, Jenny the Trailhead: a willing 30 something addicted to the outdoors and exploring new places when she can. I am not an experienced camper or hiker per… Continue Reading “Here we are…”