True North Expeditions, Inc.

True North Expeditions, Inc. was founded in 2017 by my friend Tony Pompa. I jumped on in 2019 as co-owner and it’s been a wonderful journey.

We organize many things including Intro, Beginner’s and Advanced Backpacking Bootcamps, 5 day wilderness trips at Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Isle Royale, and AT sections to yoga retreats, camp/kayaks, Wilderness First Aid training and much more. Our company is different; we build true and genuine bonds with our guests – you’ll find that out when you join us!



Our mission is to provide exceptional outdoor adventures that promote the beauty of the Midwest, preservation of the outdoors, and personal wellness.

     We offer guided adventures on land and water, camping opportunities, and wellness hiking events.  Additionally, custom outdoor adventures can be tailored to suit your specifics needs creating an unforgettable personalized experience just for you!

     We invite you to come relax, recharge, and enjoy the beauty of the Midwest.


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