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October, where did you go?!

I will never outwardly complain about work because I am sincerely lucky to have the setup that I have, the flexibility it gives me to do what I want and the schedule that I have made for myself is pretty great. But this year… Continue Reading “October, where did you go?!”

Thursday (& Autumn) ramblings

Haha, the cover photo for this post is my favorite from LAST fall. I love Cash’s face!  I cannot wait to get out this weekend and hike with B! After our big day last Friday I am hungry for more trail action. We actually… Continue Reading “Thursday (& Autumn) ramblings”

Walk the line…

There is probably nothing more boring than walking on a treadmill. But I’ve gotta keep moving. I am desperate to get back outside. I need this heat to break. For my sanity. For my health. For the sake of just missing being in the… Continue Reading “Walk the line…”