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June Cairn Box

Let me take a second to commend Cairn on the stellar box this month. I did see spoilers on their Facebook page but it didn’t make me any less excited to open it.  Mountain House had a site coupon and a package of freeze… Continue Reading “June Cairn Box”

Finally! Cairn boxes

Ok, it’s been 2 months since I signed up for Cairn and I’ve received 2 boxes! I was so excited I forgot to take photos at first. Here’s my first box I got in April: This photo is upside down. Oops! It’s a fire… Continue Reading “Finally! Cairn boxes”

Weekend festivities and the Chubb Trail

In Eureka, Missouri. Yesterday I spent the day in Poplar Bluff, Missouri for a family reunion. I went with my parents, my almost-3-year-old niece and Cash. What a BEAUTIFUL weekend. My sweet girl T!This isn’t even EVERYONE on my mom’s father’s side. Thanks to… Continue Reading “Weekend festivities and the Chubb Trail”

Cairn Box!

I’m so excited! I signed up to get a Cairn box this month and I got an email saying it shipped. Does anyone else do Cairn boxes?  I am going to do a post after I get it and share what I received! =)… Continue Reading “Cairn Box!”