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Hank progress and late fall plans…

Good evening! I am both thrown off by and enjoying the time change today. I am here to update on the progress we have made on our van. We came up with the plan to buy a van spontaneously last weekend, brought Hank home… Continue Reading “Hank progress and late fall plans…”


I just reserved a campsite for this coming weekend to do my first camping trip by myself. I’ll be taking Bane with me but we’ll be camping out for 2 days! I have 2 separate day hikes planned, one for Saturday and one for… Continue Reading “Solo!”

Rainy holiday…

My main goal in life today is to find the best smelling and longest lasting cedar satchets or essential oils. I am determined to be knocked out by the pleasant and nostalgic smell of cedar when I walk into my closet or go through… Continue Reading “Rainy holiday…”